August 5, 2018

Can Cannabis Really Calm the Soul and Used for Medical?

The cannabis is rife in the world today. When asked about the cannabis use, several statements answered that the cannabis could be used to calm the soul and eliminate fatigue. It’s also can be used for medical.

Someone says that there are some people who consume the cannabis because of the impact of excessive work demands, “I also need to appeal, to producers and art workers, artists are also human beings who have physical limitations. Do not want to press their production costs so they are forced to shoot after running,” he told the media crew recently.

The next question is: Is it true that the cannabis has a soul-winning effect to strengthen stamina? Is it true that the cannabis can be used for treatment? Visit the medical dispensary for more information.

Also, let’s see the explanation:

Indeed, there are cannabis content that are used as medicine

Some doctors who were gathered in the Psychiatric Specialist Association explained that out of the many cannabis in circulation, some were used in medicine as a treatment instrument.

“the cannabis are divided into several groups, such as the attachment of the Narcotics Act. Some cannabis is indeed classified as medicine used for the treatment of a disease. The effect is divided into stimulants or increase stamina and depressants to relieve sadness”.

Must be consumed according to a doctor’s prescription

A man who served as Director of Prevention and Control of Mental Health and Drug Problems at the Ministry of Health said that the cannabis use must be in accordance with a doctor’s prescription.

“If you drink it, the benefits of the cannabis can be obtained. But if taken illegally and obtained, the cannabis abuse will occur,” he added.

Furthermore, he revealed the dangers of the cannabis if consumed without a doctor’s prescription.

“Indeed, if according to the doctor’s prescription the effects of short, medium, and long-term can be for therapy. But if not, the effect is an addiction and dependencies that damage the neurotransmitter in the brain,” he continued.

So, you must use it safely by ordering on licensed producers Canada.

Not all cannabis cases can be seen from the same perspective

Examining statements that say that cannabis is consumed is a doctor’s advice to provide peace of mind, because in each case they have their own diagnosis.

Talking about a case experienced by a person, it can only be analyzed if the doctor directly checks the person concerned. Because each case is individual.

However, there are records to familiarize healthy lifestyles so that additional medicines are not always needed for treatment and work optimally.